Automated Values

Automated Values

Instant Intelligence. Deeper Understanding.

Automated Values, with access to an interactive UI for review, customization and saving your own opinions of value on every asset.



Empirical data shows that our system produces results within 15% of actual sales prices for 94% of properties across 130+ markets in 40 states


Complete transparency to all comps, images, property data and other information

Interactive Underwriting

As great as the automated accuracy is, we’re not perfect!  We built the system to enable ultra-fast interactive underwriting, and we encourage every client to review, adjust and/or customize the underwriting on each asset

Appeals to:

Asset Managers
Property Managers
Scaled firms with internal underwriting staff

Reports Include:

  • As-Is and ARV values at multiple levels of renovation
  • Estimated renovation budget at each level
  • Identification of the optimal rehab strategy
  • Full transparency to all comps and images
  • Ability to modify, adjust and refine the underwriting
  • Print final results to PDF and save


30-45 seconds